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ASG Electric is proud to partner with Focus on Energy.
Focus on Energy, Partnering with Wisconsin Utilities, is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in rebates for energy conservation to its customers. What this means for you is the potential for a cashback rebate that can significantly reduce your costs and payback period. ASG can help you to determine if you are eligible for Focus on Energy rebates in many areas of your business such as lighting, VFD, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, and leak detection. Not only can we work with you and Focus on Energy on existing programs, but we can also work with Focus on Energy to develop a custom incentive program if the existing programs do not fit your business needs. ASG Electric will fill out the rebate paperwork, and submit it to Focus on Energy for you.

Whether you’re remodeling or building, ASG Electric can design a lighting solution that’s right for you!
With the support of Industry-leading software and tools such as AGI and AutoCAD, we can provide the design and documentation in a photometric layout to ensure realistic renderings of lighting levels so that areas are appropriately lit for a more comfortable and secure environment. Options based on your budget and preferred lighting level can be supplied. ASG Electric can manage needed submittals, rebates, and monitor delivery dates so your project is completed on time, on budget, and looks great.

ASG Electric can upgrade lighting to help you save energy, and to improve light quality and productivity.
Buildings that have not gone thru a lighting upgrade in the last couple of years have inefficient lights that can cost much more to run than new LED lights, creating short-term paybacks for replacement of the old lights. This is especially true when you consider LED lights run cooler, have less maintenance costs, and there are Focus on Energy rebates. In addition, the lighting quality is much improved with newer lights, allowing for a brighter and safer work environment. The light output of many old lamps decreases with age, and there are many documented instances of increased productivity thru lighting for reasons such as dim light causing eye strain, headaches, and drowsiness.

  • Variable-Frequency Drives
  • Leak Detection
  • Solar
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

ASG Electric can help to drive efficiency by installing Variable Frequency Drives.
In many industrial facilities, the majority of power consumption is used fo running electric motors, so facilities see a significant drop in their monthly utility bills when VFDs are installed. A VFD controls the motor by varying the frequency and voltage as needed, so if the motor does not need to run at full speed for a specific function, the VFD can ramp down the frequency and voltage to meet the reduced speed required for the function, which saves energy and helps to increase the life of the motor, and reduces noise in your facility. In addition to the ongoing energy savings, and Focus on Energy rebates, you may also receive energy efficiency tax incentives (check with your accountant) that can give you a very quick return on your investment.

ASG Electric will identify gas and air leaks in your facility, potentially saving thousands of dollars per year.
Using our Ultrasonic listening device, and our certified Ultrasonic Leak Inspector, we can identify gas leaks or compressed air leaks in your facility. If you can hear a compressed air leak, that one leak is costing you roughly $500 per year; the additional cycling of your compressor means additional energy costs as well as wear and tear on your motors. You already know how expensive some of the gasses used in your facility can be, so it goes without saying that gas leaks can be very costly. The ASG Ultrasonic Leak Inspector will tag each leak, and create a report so that you can determine which leaks are the most critical to fix.

ASG Electric can help you to save money on your utility bill.
By installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, you can significantly reduce your dependence on, and your costs to, your electrical utility provider. With rising energy costs, your utility cost savings, depreciation, and potential grants and tax incentives, the payback period for the system is very short and will provide your business power for the next 30 years or more.

ASG Electric can help you to go green and save money thru an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station installation.
Many employers and landlords are installing EV charging stations for their own vehicle fleets, as a perk for employees, or to draw in tenants. This is a benefit that others may not offer but can save your company, your employee, or your tenant thousands on gas. ASG Electricians are ChargePoint certified so that you are ensured a professional, quality, and reliable installation while having the convenience of a charging station at your location, and the peace of mind that you are helping to support the environment.

Feature Client Testimonials

Charles L.
Lyco Manufacturing

“Like probably many companies we became aware of the need Lyco Manufacturing Logofor both an arc flash risk assessment and supporting safety procedure. Also like probably many companies we solicited quotes for the work, not entirely sure what we were getting ourselves into. In that process we met Chuck and his team from ASG electric and they quickly differentiated themselves from the rest of the pack [ if you meet them, you will understand what I mean] and we chose them for the project. At every turn, from information sharing, to quality of work, to flexible scheduling, to documentation and last but least employee training this was a top notch effort and I am comfortable in saying that I recommend them highly”.

Aaron G.
Engineer- Mead Hunt

“I am a PE Electrical engineer and have worked with ASG Electric on many Arc Flash Studies. Specifically, I have worked with the TEGG Pro software used by ASG Electric in the data collection phase in each of these projects. TEGG Pro assures complete an accurate data collection and the various reports allow the engineer to quickly and completely build out the Arc Flash Engineering model”.

Mead-and-Hunt“Compared to other arc flash study projects, where TEGG Pro was not used, the data typically is less organized, the model takes longer to build, and there are more “punchlist” items to review and verify. If I have the opportunity to select the data collection process on a future project, working with ASG Electric and the TEGG Pro software is definitely my first choice”.


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