Electrical Safety Training

  • Arc Flash Hazard Awareness Training (4 hours)
  • Qualified Individual Task Training (2 hours)
  • Electrical Safety Basic Training (30 minutes)

ASG Electric provides electrical safety training courses to help you meet NFPA 70E training requirements, and Wisconsin licensed electricians can even earn 4 CEU credits.
Offered as virtual or in-person.

ASG’s Arc Flash Hazard Awareness Seminar is newly updated to the NFPA 70E 2021 standards. The content of this workshop is segmented into 4 training modules:

  • Understand Electrical Hazards -- including Arc Flash, Shock and Electrocution.
  • Core Competencies of the Qualified Individual
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Elements of an Electrical Safety Program

 For additional course details, see our training brochure.

ASG Electric provides training to meet the NFPA 70E requirements for “qualified” employees.
In addition to Electrical Hazard Awareness Training, qualified individuals are required to attend more specific training on energized work tasks identified by management. The Qualified Individual Task Training offered by ASG reviews safety fundamentals for the stated work tasks, helping to ensure the safety of your employees. The class will be completely personalized to cover the specific tasks that are required of your employees.

The class format is a 90-minute lecture and exam, followed by a 30-minute one-on-one session with the instructor. This portion of the course includes a field proficiency review and test. Upon the completion of the individualized session, the instructor will either pass or fail each participant.

This course combined with the Electrical Hazard Awareness Training is necessary to deem individuals “qualified” as described in NFPA 70E.

ASG Electric provides training for “unqualified” employees who require basic knowledge of safety-related work practices.
Unqualified individuals are those who do not come in contact with energized parts while performing their daily job duties. These employees are still required to attend basic electrical safety training (NFPA 70E 110.2(D)(2)). This course available through ASG meets those requirements and will familiarize unqualified individuals with electrical safety-related practices, which are critical for their safety.

Class content includes:

  • A basic overview of the hazards of an arc flash event
  • An understanding of the working boundaries
  • Safety practices of working around qualified individuals

The course is delivered in lecture format and is designed to last approximately 60 minutes.

ASG Electric’s Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professionals oversee course content and instructor training.

Feature Client Testimonials

Charles L.
Lyco Manufacturing

“Like probably many companies we became aware of the need Lyco Manufacturing Logofor both an arc flash risk assessment and supporting safety procedure. Also like probably many companies we solicited quotes for the work, not entirely sure what we were getting ourselves into. In that process we met Chuck and his team from ASG electric and they quickly differentiated themselves from the rest of the pack [ if you meet them, you will understand what I mean] and we chose them for the project. At every turn, from information sharing, to quality of work, to flexible scheduling, to documentation and last but least employee training this was a top notch effort and I am comfortable in saying that I recommend them highly”.

Aaron G.
Engineer- Mead Hunt

“I am a PE Electrical engineer and have worked with ASG Electric on many Arc Flash Studies. Specifically, I have worked with the TEGG Pro software used by ASG Electric in the data collection phase in each of these projects. TEGG Pro assures complete an accurate data collection and the various reports allow the engineer to quickly and completely build out the Arc Flash Engineering model”.

Mead-and-Hunt“Compared to other arc flash study projects, where TEGG Pro was not used, the data typically is less organized, the model takes longer to build, and there are more “punchlist” items to review and verify. If I have the opportunity to select the data collection process on a future project, working with ASG Electric and the TEGG Pro software is definitely my first choice”.


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