Leak Detection: The Cost of a Leak is Higher Than You Think

Do you have gas?

If you have gas or compressed air in your facility, leaks are likely costing you a lot of money. For example, if you can hear the hissing of compressed air when you walk past a leak, that one leak costs you at least $500 per year because of the additional energy used in the cycling of your compressor. This need to kick on and off more often will also lead to additional wear and maintenance on your compressor.

Electrical Contractor of Choice: ASG Electric

ASG Electric is a full service Electrical Contractor. We focus on Industrial and Commercial facilities, so there is no need to go elsewhere to take care of your electrical needs!

ASG Electric Clients

  • General Contractors needing an Electrical Contractor to design and build the electrical system for a new building or building addition
  • Facility Managers wanting to add power due to large equipment moves, save energy costs, upgrade lighting, have troubleshooting to be done, or want to have a solid condition of maintenance program put in place
  • Electrical Safety Managers wanting to work on arc flash risk assessments or electrical safety training

Strategic Facility Manager

Facility Managers —  In building your electrical safety program, start with condition of maintenance.

A facility manager, when it comes to managing the electrical system can segment his responsibilities into three areas,  managing change, managing the electrical maintenance program, and working with the plant operations and safety resources in managing the electrical safety program. …

Earth Ground Testing

Have you tested your building’s grounding system?

Over time, the grounding rods and their connections can degrade.  High salt content, high moisture and even repeated lightning strikes can erode the effectiveness of the grounding system. …