Emergency Backup Systems

Wisconsin has experienced several large storms recently that have affected power in many surrounding areas. Last week, parts of the Stevens Point area were without power for more than 3 days. Whether power outages come from storms like we’ve seen recently, down power lines due to accidents or ice, or utility issues, there are typically some very serious and costly effects to our businesses. Whether you have health care life giving systems, refrigeration systems, production lines, or sensitive IT equipment that must be kept running, lack of power will cost your business a lot of money. A reliable generator and Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) create the power redundancy required for businesses that cannot afford to be shut down.

NFPA 70E Training Overview and Requirements

NFPA 70E does require employers to provide electrical safety training. ASG offers the three electrical safety training courses that you will need.

  1. The purpose of the Arc Flash Hazard Awareness Training is to enable qualified individuals to understand the hazards of an energized electrical system and provide a basic foundation for safe energized work practices. State of Wisconsin licensed electricians will receive 4 hours of continuing education training for this course.
  2. The Qualified Individual Training will provide qualified individuals with safety-related work practices and procedural requirements. This training starts in the classroom and a one to one hands-on task oriented training will then follow, taking that qualified individual thru how to perform their normal tasks in a way that is safe for them, those around them, and the equipment.
  3. The Basic Training is for unqualified people that work near electrical so that they understand any electrical safety related practices necessary for their safety.

The Benefits Of A Power Study

Purpose of a Power Study

Planning electrical additions to your facility, but are unsure how it will affect your current distribution system? A Power Study is your answer. A Power Study combines your current electrical configuration, and the proposed additions into one system model. From there we, at ASG Electric, can identify possible issues within the electrical system. Discovering these issues before committing to any equipment/materials will assure that your proposed project will be installed cleanly and correctly and will not be “flagged” with problems after installation.

How Power Monitoring Can Benefit You

There are many reasons why power monitoring systems are very useful. If you need to understand which areas within your facility consume what quantity of power in order to correctly allocate overhead, or to invoice tenants for their power usage, or to identify power usage for cost reduction opportunities or troubleshooting, a power monitoring system will give you the answers that you need.

An Arc Flash Risk Assessment Begins with Data Collection – Its More Than Just a Label

The implementation of an Arc Flash Risk Assessment can be segmented into three project phases. These may be described as Phase 1 – Data Collection, Phase 2 – Engineering study (Electrical system analysis), and Phase 3 Electrical Safety Program implementation. Beyond building this “baseline project”, there also should be plans for sustainability of the Electrical Safety Program.