Heat Tape – protecting your roof

Ice dam problem

Are ice dams creating issues for your roof? Have the ice dams created “ice ponds” on your walkways? Has additional insulation and air sealing not helped to solve the problem? ASG can install heat tape! When installed correctly, heat tape can provide a path for ice and snow to melt off of the roof. It can also keep gutters and down spouts from becoming clogged with ice.

A quality installation is a key performance metric of your heat tape system. It is important to create a proper heat tape design/material plan for your installation. The recommendations of the heat tape manufacturer’s regarding how the heat tape is to be installed should influence the installation/design. The design process eliminates the potential for a poor and underperforming system.

Other installation activities include heat tape system documentation, panel and breaker load assessments and full testing of the system.

Performance Test Your Facility’s Grounding System

Is the grounding system of your facility working as it should? Over time changes in soil resistivity, grounding rods, and bonded connections can degrade. An inadequate grounding system may:

  • Create unintended paths that could result in a shock hazard to employees
  • Increase equipment failure rates
  • Cause instrumentation errors
  • Result in power factor problems
  • Cause many other intermittent power problems

The NEC establishes the standard of the impedance to ground value of 25 ohms or less as being an acceptable test result. Many facilities with sensitive electronic equipment use a standard of 5 ohms or less. An assessment every 2 years is recommend, it is important to build a baseline and then track future readings to determine the performance metrics of your ground system.

Ask about ASG Electric’s – Earth Ground and System Grounding test services.


Switchgear Fit and Healthy

A key point of emphasis of NFPA 70E is “safety-related maintenance”.  NFPA 70E states that electrical equipment shall be maintained to reduce the risk of failure and the subsequent exposure to electrical hazards.  So what might be included in your electrical maintenance program?

ASG’s Switchgear Fit and Health Program is designed to meet the standards described to NFPA 70E. Our TEGG Services – energized testing protocol is completed for the top tier components of your electrical system. The testing services include an infrared, ultrasonic and visual inspection protocol.

Based upon the data gathered, and problems identified, a detailed de-energized maintenance plan is developed for each as inventoried during the energized testing session. The de-energized task plan is completed along with any repairs as identified during the energized session. Looking for more details? See:  Switchgear Fit and Healthy

Reliability, safety, protection, and preservation of your sites electrical assets are the results achieved with the scope of work provided in ASG’s Switchgear Fit and Health services.

To find out more and assess Fit and Healthy for your facility, contact Chuck Fox at 608-212-0508, email


We’ll Light Up Your Life

When days get shorter, you’ll be faced with safety issues in dark parking lots or walk ways near buildings. These can be dangerous places, particularly when it’s dark. Property owners that fail to maintain their property can be held liable if there is an incident. Dark areas are not only trip hazards, but they are also tempting locations for criminal misconduct. New parking lot lights, wall packs, and bollards can significantly improve safety.

Bright Ideas – Great Results

ASG Electric is proud to welcome Tim Karlen to our team. Tim is our new Electrical Services Sales person in charge of sales and estimating, and helping you to develop your project plan. Tim comes to us with a wealth of experience, having been in this role for many years elsewhere in the industry. He has been in the trade for 17 years and has successfully dealt with a large variety of electrical projects (medical, production, office design, etc).

Getting Started With an Arc Flash Risk Assessment? Start With an NFPA 70E Compliance Briefing

ASG Electric will provide your company with a free NFPA 70E Compliance Briefing. The Compliance Briefing delivers an overview of the NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Standard and helps develop the project metrics for the implementation of an Arc Flash Risk Assessment.

The NFPA 70E Standard for Electric Safety in the Workplace will address managing the electrical system to current safety standards, which include the risk assessment standards of equipment labeling, arc flash program administration, the people practices of providing PPE, and electrical safety training for all employees working within or near electrical components (including production personnel). The compliance briefing will also describe that the Arc Flash Risk Assessment is not only a project to build a baseline, but also an ongoing program requiring sustainability.