ASG Webinar Series – Electrical Safety Plan

 In our first webinar event on March 18th , we discussed the structure and methods of writing an electrical safety plan.

NFPA 70E outlines the core requirements for the electrical safety plan.

NFPA 70E states that an employer shall “establish, document, and implement” the safety related work practices required by this standard”.   Companies meet this compliance challenge with a written electrical safety plan.  But how do write one?  How do you know if you have all the topics covered that should be in your plan?  How do you get started? This webinar outlined a step by step process and structure to take you from an empty document to a completed “all-inclusive” plan.

Electrical Safety Plan – Write it with Confidence!

The March 18th Webinar describes the journey as ASG developed its unique structure and project strategies.  An important milestone was setting aside the sample of the NFPA 70E ANNEX E.  Our approach was innovative and unique and was so recognized with the publishing of the September, 2019.   Meeting the Challenge of the Written Electric Safety Plan

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Electrical Safety Plan – Write it with Confidence March 18

Electrical Safety Plan – Ongoing Management

In the March 31, session, we addressed the challenges of ongoing management the Electrical Safety Plan.  The NFPA 70E standard includes many requirements that translate into elements of the plan that need active management.

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70E 110.5(M) Auditing —  the electrical safety program (once written)  shall be audited to verify that the principles and procedures of the electrical safety program are in compliance with this standard.  The audits required by 1105.(M) shall be documented.

 A few examples of these action items include, keeping the arc flash risk assessment data current, condition of maintenance record keeping, electrical safety training employee records, and annual field audits of energized work procedures. We will also explore the broad directives of 110.5(M) and the deeper functions of the Auditing segment of the electrical safety program.

ASG offers a consulting services package for the development of an electrical safety plan.   The core value of these services is built upon the development of ASG’s unique structured approach.  ASG’s Electrical Safety Plan that will incorporate a more functional approach using the following outline:

  • Electrical System Management
  • Electrical Safety Training
  • Risk Management
  • Task Management
  • Auditing

ASG, as an outside provider, cannot completely write and fully implement the electrical safety plan for your facility.  The development of an electrical safety plan requires a strong internal project “champion” that can effectively engage in discussions to evaluate existing internal programs with responsible managers. These conversations will include surveys and interviews of what is being done now (Principles),  the documentation of existing (or planned) procedures in place (Procedures), and effectively develop monitoring to assure that procedures and principles are followed (Controls).  While ASG’s services include being a facilitator,  this is not a project that is simply “outsourced”. 

The work of this project scope will quite likely identify areas that require significant additional work/development or “gap analysis” within the organization.  An effective resource will be able to move about the company and engage managers in discussions of these “upgrade projects” needed to meet NFPA 70E standards.  Additionally, three key building blocks should be considered before initiating the project of writing the electrical safety plan.   These include,  the arc flash risk assessment,  the description of the electrical predictive maintenance program, and the most recent training of the qualified individuals.

Within the NFPA 70E standards article 110.5 Elements of an Electrical Safety Plan introduces three key articles that guide the development of the written electrical safety plan.  These are 110.5E Principles,  110.5F Controls, and 110.5G  Procedures. While these are considered required elements, these terms are not defined elsewhere in the NFPA 70E standard.  And yet,  in our experience in developing our project structure, an understanding of these three required elements is a critical knowledge base.

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Electrical Safety Plan – Write it with Confidence March 18

Click to access the recorded version of the webinar:

Electrical Safety Plan – Ongoing Management March 31

Fall Project Highlights | Commercial Electrical Contractor

While many customers only know ASG Electric as an Industrial Electrical Contractor, ASG is also very focused on their work as a Commercial Electrical Contractor.  As a Commercial Electrical Contractor, ASG has provided many services to new and existing customers.

Some of the services our Commercial Electrical team have provided are:

– Electrical Main Distribution Service upgrades (up to 2,000-amps).
– Fire alarm including design, permitting, and install.
– Lighting upgrades.
– Emergency backup generators up to 200KVA.
– Solar/PV Systems
– Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS).
– Security including card access & CCTV.
– Structured Cabling including phone, data, and AV.

Commercial Electrical - ECCO

ECCO Salon – Commercial Electrical Contractor

One of the most recent projects as a Commercial Electrical Contractor ASG completed is the ECCO Salon in Verona. The General Contractor, Friede & Associates, LLC did an amazing job pulling all of the subcontractors together to complete this project. In this 2,040 Square foot salon, ASG Electric and our Commercial Electricians were responsible for the following; suite electrical service, fire alarm, and the beautiful selection of new decorative lighting.  Lighting ranges from the back-lit quartz countertop, hallway and treatment room chandeliers, wall sconces, and suspended lighting hanging from the exposed ceilings.  The lighting, lots of windows, and high ceilings give this beautiful salon an open and airy feeling; and this chic salon is a place to inspire the creativity of its stylists!

Commercial Electrical Contractor- George Culver Library

George Culver Community Library – Commercial Electrical Contractor

Another recent success of ASG as a Commercial Electrical Contractor is the George Culver Community Library in Sauk City.  The General Contractor, Harmony Construction Management, Inc ensured that the project flowed smoothly and everything was completed to satisfaction.  ASG was responsible for the additional service panel, fire alarm, and the functional yet decorative lighting that show cases the ability to bring “old” and “new” together utilizing modern lighting to enhance the existing historical building structure. This will be a wonderful cultural gathering center for Sauk City when the pandemic restrictions are no longer necessary.  For now, it can be visited by appointment, or curbside pick-up is available.

Commercial Electrical Contractor Project Monarch

Monarch Health Addiction Recovery Clinic – Commercial Electrical Contractor

When Monarch determined they were in need of a new clinic in Madison, they reached out to Kraus-Anderson Construction Company to get the job done.  As a Commercial Electrical Contractor, ASG worked with Kraus and other subcontractors to make this need a reality.  ASG was responsible for data, card access, CCTV, fire alarm, lighting, and the service panel upgrade in the clinic.  The Commercial Electricians utilized decorative functional lighting throughout to capture an inviting atmosphere for the clinic’s clientele. The clinic is lovely, as well as a blessing to those in need of their services in the Madison area.


Whether you’re looking for an Industrial Electrician or a Commercial Electrician, the team at ASG Electric can get the job done for you. Check out the ASG Electric profile on to see many more projects completed by ASG Electric’s Industrial and Commercial Electrical team including projects completed for the City of Madison and Dane County, as well as various office remodels, warehouses, manufacturing additions, libraries, car chargers, generators, etc.

ASG is a full service Electrical Contractor and the capabilities of ASG are backed by their electrical testing and engineering services.  This is important to you because ASG can identify issues of concern in your project that other contractors may not even consider.  Condition of existing equipment, load analysis, short circuit potential and device coordination are examples of issues that ASG finds regularly as they assess the work of other contractors or in proposals of equipment suppliers. ASG can help you avoid future problems by doing the project right the first time, with analysis before the project is started.

EV Charging Stations

With a large cultural push toward going green, how are you charging your EV vehicle? Do you have the means to charge your vehicle at home efficiently? What about your commercial fleet; do you have the ability to charge multiple vehicles at the same time? ASG has partnered up with MG&E, ABM, ChargePoint and a number of dealerships to install residential and commercial EV charging systems. ASG electricians are certified through ChargePoint for installation of your residential and commercial charging stations.

Do you know all the benefits and incentives for installing EV charging systems, including a potential tax break and other incentives? Here is a link from ChargePoint documenting savings that may be available to you for the purchase of your vehicle and charging station.

Energy Efficiency / Conservation

Focus on Energy, Partnering with Wisconsin Utilities, is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in rebates for energy conservation to customers.  What this means for you is potential for a rebate that can significantly reduce your costs and your payback period.  This is over and above the energy savings and increased value the project may have for your facility.  ASG Electric can help you to determine if you are eligible for Focus on Energy rebates in many areas of your business such as lighting, VFD’s, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, and leak detection (compressed air or gas).

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Electrical Safety – We will help keep your people safe!

If you’ve turned the radio to the Badger or Packer games over the last few weeks, you likely heard our commercial about electrical safety.  Many top notch companies in the area, and around the United States use ASG for their electrical safety programs.  ASG can help you to meet the OSHA requirements for NFPA 70E. Not only will you meet the requirements, but even more important, you will be helping to keep your people safe!

NFPA 70E standard are important because they:

  1. Help to keep your people safe,
  2. Meet OSHA requirements,
  3. Limit your liability when followed,
  4. Condition of maintenance is part of this standard, so we can find issues in your equipment to help prevent unexpected shutdowns in production.

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ASG Electric – Keeping your people safe and your business working!