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ASG Electric can help you protect your employees and equipment
Arc flash resistant switchgear is designed to protect workers from exposure to an arc flash blast by redirecting the energy out of the top of the switchgear safely away from the work zone. The switchgear enclosure comes with a variety of features and benefits available such as insulated and isolated bus, separation barriers, breaker shutters, remote monitoring, remote control, remote operation for opening and closing, infrared viewing ports, zone selective interlocking, and high resistance grounding.

ASG Electric can install and configure relays for you.
Arc flash relays are an additional tool for arc flash energy reduction. These relays reduce arc-fault damage by detecting the initial onset of the arc flash event with light sensors. The light sensors are attached to a relay that will rapidly trip the feeder breaker with fault clearing times far faster than a breaker’s standard fault sensors.
The light sensors are continuously monitored to ensure fail-safe operation. A solid-state redundant trip circuit provides an internal fail-safe mechanism and fast arc-fault response. The relay and sensors are easily installed into existing switchgear.
ASG is able to work with you to configure a solution and then validate the arc flash incident energy improvements.

ASG Electric can cost-effectively reduce the potential arc flash energy.
The installation of arc-rated fuses is one of the most cost-effective approaches to reducing the arc flash hazards. These fuses limit current and work extremely fast, to reduce the overall energy potential of the arc flash. Fuses are simple to install and have few maintenance requirements. ASG can provide a detailed assessment of the “as found” fuse configuration and profile the arc flash reduction results achieved with the installation of the arc-rated fuses.

ASG Electric can be your data center’s electrical infrastructure partner.
ASG understands the unique challenges and requirements of working in the data center environment. ASG specializes in the training and implementation of energized work practices. We are the electrical contractor with the tools and the training to support your uptime mission.

Without power, your data center is down. ASG can manage the overall reliability, performance, and design redundancy
of your electrical system.

As ASG works with you to manage the electrical system, our electrical testing services assures that your electrical components
are installed and operating problem-free. ASG provides data center power studies that include not only the required working PPE assessment but also a full electrical system coordination study – which is a tool to assess the performance metrics of the data center’s electrical system. An electrical fault could black out additional segments of your electrical
system if devices are not properly coordinated.

ASG and our specialty equipment partners can design and install redundant power solutions which include UPS systems and back-up generator systems. We also provide installation, termination, and testing of network cabling.

Feature Client Testimonials

Charles L.
Lyco Manufacturing

“Like probably many companies we became aware of the need Lyco Manufacturing Logofor both an arc flash risk assessment and supporting safety procedure. Also like probably many companies we solicited quotes for the work, not entirely sure what we were getting ourselves into. In that process we met Chuck and his team from ASG electric and they quickly differentiated themselves from the rest of the pack [ if you meet them, you will understand what I mean] and we chose them for the project. At every turn, from information sharing, to quality of work, to flexible scheduling, to documentation and last but least employee training this was a top notch effort and I am comfortable in saying that I recommend them highly”.

Aaron G.
Engineer- Mead Hunt

“I am a PE Electrical engineer and have worked with ASG Electric on many Arc Flash Studies. Specifically, I have worked with the TEGG Pro software used by ASG Electric in the data collection phase in each of these projects. TEGG Pro assures complete an accurate data collection and the various reports allow the engineer to quickly and completely build out the Arc Flash Engineering model”.

Mead-and-Hunt“Compared to other arc flash study projects, where TEGG Pro was not used, the data typically is less organized, the model takes longer to build, and there are more “punchlist” items to review and verify. If I have the opportunity to select the data collection process on a future project, working with ASG Electric and the TEGG Pro software is definitely my first choice”.


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