Month: September 2018

Electrical Safety – We will help keep your people safe!

If you’ve turned the radio to the Badger or Packer games over the last few weeks, you likely heard our commercial about electrical safety.  Many top notch companies in the area, and around the United States use ASG for their electrical safety programs.  ASG can help you to meet the OSHA requirements for NFPA 70E. Not only will you meet the requirements, but even more important, you will be helping to keep your people safe!

NFPA 70E standard are important because they:

  1. Help to keep your people safe,
  2. Meet OSHA requirements,
  3. Limit your liability when followed,
  4. Condition of maintenance is part of this standard, so we can find issues in your equipment to help prevent unexpected shutdowns in production.

You can hear our commercial by clicking here

Or you can give us a call at 608-277-7660.

ASG Electric – Keeping your people safe and your business working!

Business of the Week – 1310 WIBA am radio/Genesis Painting sponsored

The week of August 27th, ASG Electric was the Business of the Week as sponsored by Genesis Painting, and promoted on News/Talk 1310 WIBA am radio.  We are excited that we were nominated for and received this recognition.  We do a number of things better than our competitors, to help our customers to keep their people save and their businesses working.  Please give us a call to find out more about what we can do for you.

The Business of the Week interview was recorded, and can be heard here by clicking on the play arrow below.