Month: June 2014


Why should a company adopt the standards of NFPA 70E?

Is 70E an OSHA requirement?

The most accurate answer is: “Typically, OSHA does not enforce 70E – until an electrically related accident is investigated.”

OSHA has specific requirements to provide employees with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) if their job duties require them to be exposed to the hazards of energized electrical components. (OSHA 1910.132)

OSHA further requires employers to eliminate the risks of electrical shock and arc flash hazards in the workplace. (OSHA 1910.35). In assessing what a company has or has not done as steps to manage electrical hazards, OSHA will look to “industry accepted standards” as the benchmark. NFPA 70E is therefore utilized by OSHA as that benchmark.

A significant endorsement of NFPA 70E by OSHA was provided by their settlement with Ford Motor company based upon citings for electrical injuries. In this settlement Ford Motor company was required to develop and adopt an electrical safety program based upon 70E standards.

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Facility Managers frequently ask: What should be done first – in meeting the many requirements of NFPA-70E?

Keeping your people safe would be the first priority. Electrical safety training is meant to build safe work practices and reduce risk.

NFPA 70E describes three kinds of training. Arc Flash Hazard Awareness training, task proficiency training for qualified individuals and electrical safety “basic” training for those that may work side by side with qualified individuals doing energized electrical work.

A very close next priority is the electrical equipment – and its condition of maintenance. An electrical arc flash incident takes place within electrical components. Inspecting for and eliminating arc flash risk factors is the next priority. For more information, contact ASG Electric where our 70E certified CESCPs can provide compliance advice for your facility.

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