Month: October 2013

Reducing Risk of Business Interruption


Business Interruption

The average hourly business interruption cost incurred for office buildings is 0.0681 per square foot.

(Source: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)

Failure rates of facilities doing preventive maintenance to reduce their risks of business interruptions is a fraction of those that do not.

(Source: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)

Are you aware of this Host Employer Responsibility

110.1 Relationships with Contractors (Outside Service Personnel, etc.).

(1) The host employer shall inform contract employers of:
a. Known hazards that are covered by this standard (NFPA-70E),
that are related to the contract employer’s work, and
that might not be recognized by the contract employer
or its employees
b. Information about the employer’s installation that
the contract employer needs to make the assessments
(2) The host employer shall report observed contract employer-
related violations of this standard to the contract employer.